The time was pre-pandemic. Americans were spending like crazy pushing the U.S. credit card debt to a record high of $930 billion in the (final quarter of 2019). On average credit card debt is $6,194. Those numbers haven't improved. This spring Forbes published an update that indicates we are still struggling with credit card debt at record levels. Consumers in the U.S. carry a combined total of $986 billion dollars in credit card debt as of Q4 2022.

For people living in the Midwest, that number is much lower.

South Dakota has the 4th lowest average credit card balances in the country at $2,960.

Can you really believe that living farther from the coasts would be a reason why we have a lower balance on our credit cards in South Dakota? It's partially due to a lower cost of living. I'm not so sure about that one.

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While South Dakota falls in the bottom five, Iowa is not too far away at #43 with $2,760. However, with a score of 18.6, Iowa credit card holders' delinquency rates and income percentages are slightly different.

People from Minnesota with credit card debt ranked 39th with $3,410.

There are several tips and guidelines for people to follow in getting out of debt. Gurus across the country have radio shows just on this topic, like Dave Ramsey.

Some would suggest a balance transfer. But, would you feel good about transferring your credit card debt to another card?

So who has the highest credit card balance? That would be the District of Columbia with $4,460.

Another reason to cheer for the Cornhuskers is Nebraska holds the lowest score when struggling with credit card debt.

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