Row after row, kernel after kernel, ear after ear. Keep the sweet corn coming please! And, make sure there's enough butter, salt, and pepper for me.

I don't see any one way that isn't in my wheelhouse.

Check out below some of the ways my coworkers shared their preferences:

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I like to grill it with chili powder and lime juice. Little char makes it awesome! ~Josh

I wait for my wife to do all the work. She simply boils it, then salt and butter. ~Levy

Usually, we cut it into thirds, boil and top it with butter and salt. As a kid at big family events, we'd smoke it in the husk on the grill! ~Jeff R.

Boil it. REAL butter and lemon pepper. ~Scott

I like when it's grilled, then putting sour cream, lime juice, Tajin, Cotija cheese, salt, and pepper! ~Hannah

Boil it or cook it on the grill. Butter, salt, and pepper 😊 ~Sonja

I boil my sweet corn until it floats then cover in butter, salt, and pepper. The last time I tried it was in the slow cooker. (Not as good). I shucked the corn and wrapped it in tin foil with butter, salt, and pepper. Then slow cook for 3 hours on high. This was a recipe I found online. The corn itself felt soggy. Not the crunch I get when boiling. ~Jeremy

After boiling in the water, I put on a mixture of fine black pepper and a little Lawry's season salt and sprinkled it on all sides. Then I gleefully make a mess eating it typewriter style...back and forth, back and forth. Rinse hands and face a repeat! ~ Jeff S.

Microwave it IN THE HUSK (2.5-3.0) minutes each ear ...then butter and salt. ~Earl

Nothing wrong with corn-OFF-the-cob either. Mix into fresh salsa. Make a pot of corn chowder or corn risotto. Is anyone up for skillet cornbread? Or, dig out grandma's scalloped corn recipe.

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