Living on the shores of Lake Superior, I think we sometimes take for granted how truly impressive its size and capacity is, it truly is superior in every way.

How Much Water Is In Lake Superior?

Lake Superior has about 10% of the world's fresh water, or enough water to fill all the other Great Lakes, plus two additional Lake Eries, that's a lot of water. At any given time, Lake Superior has about 2,900 cubic miles of water, that's enough water to cover North and South America with two feet of water.

So it got me thinking as I was drinking a bottle of water over the weekend, how many water bottles could we fill with the water in Lake Superior?

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The capacity of most disposable, single-use plastic water bottles is 16.9 ounces, or .5 liters. If we convert 2,900 cubic miles of water into liters, the amount is 12,086 trillion liters of water, and to get the amount of water bottles we just need to divide that by the volume of the water bottles, and the amount is mind-blowing!

How Many Bottles Would Lake Superior Fill?

Lake Superior contains approximately enough water to give everyone on Earth (about 7.9 billion people) 3,059,857 water bottles full of Lake Superior water for a grand total of, 24,000,000,000,000,000 (24 quadrillion) standard water bottles.

What if we stacked those bottles?

Let's take this a step further to understand how big this number is and stack those 24 quadrillion water bottles. If stacked, the height would be about 3,429,977,506,306 miles, that is equivalent of going back and forth from the Earth to the moon 7,181,184 times or about 6 times the diameter of the Milky Way galaxy.

Canva / Stanley
Canva / Stanley

How Many Stanley Quenchers Would Lake Superior Fill?

One of the most popular ways to stay hydrated these days is with the trendy Stanley Quencher 40 oz. Tumblers, if you were to use Lake Superior water, you could fill 10.2 quadrillion Stanleys. Given the 1.4 pound weight of each of the Stanley tumblers, that is about 12,927 times more than the weight of the entire human population or 7.15 trillion tons.

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