It's not every day that South Dakota makes national headline news. But when it does, it's always a shocking story that instantly circles the internet.

Lately South Dakota has been in the news thanks to Governor Kristi Noem's book "No Going Back: The Truth on What's Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward." She recounts the time she shot and killed her 14-month-old puppy named Cricket and the family billy goat. There were even false stories written in the book about Governor Noem's meetings with world leaders.

One would think these would be the most viral South Dakota stories ever. But there have been bigger stories in the state of South Dakota.

When Googling "The Most Viral South Dakota Stories of all Time," I found dozens of top South Dakota stories.

According to this Google search, these are the biggest stories in all of South Dakota ever. Do you remember these headlines?

Biggest South Dakota stories of All Time

Thanks, South Dakota!

Do you remember other big South Dakota stories that made national headlines?

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