With more than a dozen locations around Sioux Falls, the fun sport of Pickleball continues to gain interest. And, don't think for one minute that pickleball is an activity you pick up when you close in on retirement. Just ask around and you'll discover this sport is for everyone.

Just as social media launched Tweets, pickleball has made just about as many pickleheads!

Where To Play Pickleball In Sioux Falls

If you add them up Sioux Falls has over 70 pickleball courts scattered around the city at 14 locations. There are both indoor and outdoor courts where all generations enjoy the fun, make new friendships, and stay active.

With a list from both Pickleheds.com and Sioux Falls Area Pickleball, you won't be left out of your next match.

GreatLife Golf And Fitness At Woodlake
Sanford Pentagon
Center For Active Generations
Terry Redlin Elementary School
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Laurel Oak Park
Sanford Wellness Center on Oxbow
Remedy Brewing Pickleball Pub
Avera Human Performance Center
Our Saviors Lutheran Church
Riverdale Park
First Christian Reformed Church
Menlo Park
Huether Family Match Pointe

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If your friends have been encouraging you to get out more and meet new people, then pickleball would be a great way to expand your social life. Take a look at the video on this link to learn more.

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