Not all break-ups have a horrible ending. However, some relationships truly end on a sour note for various reasons.

It's pretty natural to be upset at your ex, especially around Valentine's Day. In fact, the Sioux Falls Police Department is holding all ex's with a criminal record accountable this Valentine's Day. This is your chance to take revenge on your ex-Valentine and send them to the slammer!

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The Sioux Falls Police Department recently posted a hilarious Facebook post about how angry exes can get their revenge on their ex-Valentine. The officers with the Sioux Falls Police Department have the perfect gift for that special ex in your life: A romantic dinner and a special room.

This is truly a unique present you can give to your ex-lover. Who wouldn't want a nice dinner with warm company...and handcuffs...with a side of pay back?

Do you have the ex that broke up with you, broke your heart, and they have warrants. We can still help wish them a Happy Valentines Day from you. Just give us a call and we can provide a nice date night for them and others in custody.

It's a fitting way for your criminal ex to spend Valentine's Day. How thoughtful!

Whether this is a fun prank or a serious recommendation, it's always fun to think of ways to get back at your ex. The Sioux Falls Police Department is giving Sioux Falls residents a unique opportunity to give their ex-Valentines a little payback! Will you take them up on their offer?

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