12 Remarkable Spots In South Dakota For A Picture-Perfect Proposal

If you're ready to take and plunge and ask your partner to marry you, Sioux Falls and South Dakota have a ton of wonderful places for you to do it. 

The perfect place to pop the question is different for every couple. But, the natural beauty of South Dakota seems to be a popular backdrop for dropping to your knee and asking for their hand.

On Facebook, we asked you where in Sioux Falls or South Dakota is the perfect place to propose marriage and there were a few favorites. There were also some...let's say, 'unique' places suggested.

Gallery Credit: Ben Kuhns

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Do You Remember These Closed Sioux Falls Restaurants?

Tasty restaurants have come and gone over the years. Unfortunately, some of these restaurants were our favorites and we still crave their food.

What I wouldn't do for one more Monte Cristo sandwich from Benningan's, or a Porky Calzone from Zaroty Pizza Kitchen.

Here's a list of several of our favorite Sioux Falls restaurants that have closed. Oh, we know there are many more. If we missed your favorite, make sure you send us a message or check out this story on our Facebook page and comment.

From eating cheeseburgers at the counter of Hamburger Inn to devouring egg rolls at Ming Wah Cafe, here's a list of our favorite restaurants that have closed and we miss.

Gallery Credit: Karla Brown / Townsquare Media

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