HGTV makes a regular habit of traveling the U.S. in its effort to find the best, most, finest, funniest, sophisticated, and weirdest, kind of places to share with all of us.

For this particular list, they went looking for what they termed the "most charming small towns in America".

What makes a town a charming place to live and/or visit? That is kind of a loaded question because the answers are so varied.

Riverside Park in Yankton South Dakota
Google Street View and Canva

But let's say that in this case, it doesn't hurt that South Dakota's most charming small town is situated on the Missouri River and has its own lake.

Yup, Yankton was chosen by HGTV for their story on charming small towns.

Yankton is the 7th most populated city in our state, with around 16,000 people. This small town has a rich historical background and as proof, there are multiple buildings in town on the National Register of Historic Places.

Lewis & Clark Lake campground
Google Street View and Canva

In addition to being the "River City", Yankton is also home to 14 parks, two golf courses, and a public activities center. The Meridian Bridge is now a pedestrian bridge and is part of the city's bike and pedestrian path system.

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Next to all the city and river activities, Lewis and Clark Lake is a big draw for Yankton, with over a million visitors every year. Camping, fishing, swimming, kayaking, hiking trails, and more are all part of what helps to make Yankton a very charming place!

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