How's that song go, "Don't Worry Be Happy", it sounds like couples involved in romantic relationships in the great state of Iowa could stand to take a lesson from Mr. Bobby McFerrin.

Come to find out, Iowa couples are some of the most unhappy people in the nation. That is if you believe the findings from a recent study done by the folks at

They set out to find which states in the nation have the happiest relationships, and in the process, found out a great majority of the couples in the Hawkeye State are singing the blues most of the time.

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Counseling Psychology examined the romantic lives of nearly 2000 American couples. The study scored the responses to a series of questions asked to determine which states have the happiest people in romantic relationships.

Their research was based on things like romantic happiness, family relations, shared laughter, communication, kindness, and respect to name a few.

Guess what Iowa, you failed.

Counseling Psychology's study ranked couples in the Hawkeye State as being the 2nd most miserable in the nation when they measured the "happiness scale" in romantic relationships.

Iowa couples scored a measly 60.82 out of 100 in the study. The only state with allegedly unhappier couples than those in Iowa can be found in Wisconsin.

By the way, the state that is filled with the happiest romantic relationships in the nation is Utah.

The study showed the average American couple rates their overall happiness in their relationship at an 8 out of 10. It should also be known that no state scored above a 71 on the "happiness scale."

Good communication was the #1 thing Americans value the most in a healthy romantic relationship.

You might be wondering how couples here in South Dakota stacked up in regards to the study.

It's all smiles here in the Rushmore State. As far as the rest of the country knows, anyway.

We evidently didn't show up, due to insufficient data. That's because relational couples in South Dakota never fight. Everyone knows that!

What's that? Hold on a sec....sorry, I gotta wrap this article up, my wife is nagging at me again because I didn't pick up my dirty laundry!

Keep on smiling everyone!

Source: Counseling Psychology

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