Over the weekend, thousands filed through the doors of the Sioux Falls Convention Center for the 10th annual Sioux Empire On Tap Beer Festival. Beer flowed like milk and honey, the band (Too Drunk to Fish) was hitting on all cylinders, and the attire was once again fantastic and drew big laughs.
Here's a peek: Cheers!

What Was It like to Vacation in South Dakota’s Black Hills 60 Years Ago?

This time of year our thoughts often turn to planning that perfect getaway to enjoy the warmer weather and extended daylight.

For a lot of us in South Dakota, that means a trek to the Black Hills and all of the things they have to offer.

But vacationing in western South Dakota is hardly a new concept. People from all over the globe have been coming to the area for decades.

Gallery Credit: Jeff Harkness/B1027.com

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