It's been a strange winter. Yesterday portions of Minnesota saw temps in the mid-50s, and it was still January. One of the things many of us enjoy about living here in Minnesota is the 4 distinct seasons, and for those people who love winter weather, they haven't gotten much this year. A giant snow sculpture that was completed less than 15 days ago is already looking rough.

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The Bartz brothers have been creating giant snow sculptures for the past 8 years, and this year was easily the worst weather the brothers have had for building a giant snow creature. This year's creation was a seal named Sparky, and to say Sparky has seen better days, well that is an understatement.

Yesterday morning the brothers shared a picture of the then 10-day-old giant seal on social media...YIKES!

Here is what Sparky looks like now! 

We are open today until 9:00pm. (Likely the last day) On a normal year we would have closed due to the sculptures condition but we are staying open because it sounded like a lot of people haven't had a chance to see sparky yet.

We will be open this weekend, but there likely won't be any sculpture to see. We will be selling our Bartz gear, be here to chat, answer questions & talk to anyone who comes out!

The snowy seal looked much more vibrant when the brothers unveiled it.

It's unknown if the brothers will build another sculpture next year after they posted this year has caused some financial issues due to the shortened season.

You can see the evolution of the brothers' work if you visit their social media page, and each year the sculpture grew in size and complexity.

The current project, if there is anything left after yesterday, is located off Silver Lake Road in New Brighton at Brightwood Golf Course.

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