Kwik Trip stands out as America's top gas station for various reasons, such as its outstanding customer service, impeccably clean restrooms, and dedication to providing fresh, high-quality products.

Bananas are big business for the convenience chain, and they go to great lengths to ensure each banana is perfectly ripe before reaching the shelves. They have a huge space at their headquarters dedicated to ripening bananas. See inside that room below.

If you ever get the chance to tour Kwik Trip's expansive campus in La Crosse, I highly recommend it. The size of the campus and the efficiency of its operations are impressive.

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Located in La Crosse, Kwik Trip's headquarters produces a variety of items like bread, donuts, cookies, and sandwiches, and ships a new batch of products to each Kwik Trip store every day.

During my visit a couple of years ago, I was amazed. The bakery was huge and filled with irresistible smells. Watching the milk bottling and ice cream-making processes was also fascinating.

However, what surprised me was the banana ripening center.


I hadn't thought much about how bananas go from the fields to the store shelves before, but Kwik Trip takes it seriously, ensuring each banana meets its standards.

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SNEAK PEEK: Inside Kwik Trip's Banana Ripening Room

Bananas play a big role in Kwik Trip's business, with over 35 million pounds sold each year! And the fact that each ripening room at their La Crosse facility can hold over 41,000 pounds of bananas is truly mind-blowing. Watch the video below for a look inside.

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