I remember it like yesterday... "Linsanity".

It not only captivated New York City, but it captivated the sports world.

When Jeremy Lin got his chance with the Knicks, he exploded with multiple games of brilliance all while helping Knicks fans forget about how bad things had been and how bad things could eventually be.

Fast forward to now and Jeremy Lin is having a hard time keeping a NBA job.

It is not that he is a bad teammate or doesn't have the skills to find a NBA role, it is that injuries have been more of the equation than anything.

Lin just captured a NBA title as a bench player with the Toronto Raptors, but with such a limited role it didn't catapult him into free agency as a very desired piece for a team to pursue.

He currently is a NBA free agent, even after all that money was shelled out in a blockbuster summer of free agency.

So what is next for Lin?

Well according to ESPN, Lin feels like the NBA has "kind of given up on me".

He will always have a place in China where the CBA is growing every year and other former NBA players like Steph Marbury and Jimmer Fredette have found stardom.

But it seems like Lin is still chasing his NBA dream and you can't knock him for that.

He is a great story of resilience that I am hoping continues state side in the NBA.


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