Doesn't Jon Gruden always look cranky?

I mean, even when he's happy, when's he's telling someone they did something great....he still has that scowl on his face, like he might jump down your throat at any minute.

Now I have to tell you I like Jon Gruden. I like him on the ESPN shows he's on, I like him doing the 'color' for the Monday Night football games. It's just that, he always looks just a little bit mad. And a little bit like that 'Chucky' doll from the movies, you know, the one that killed people. Loveable.

But Gruden is one heck of a motivational speaker. At least according to the Associated Press, Kenny Chesney thinks so!

(AP) - Kenny Chesney rallied his crew at their final tour rehearsal Thursday by bringing out former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden to get them pumped.

Chesney had been rehearsing at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa and asked Gruden to address his band and crew. Chesney says Gruden knows "how to inspire and fire people up."

Gruden's remarks emphasized the importance of effort, enthusiasm and initiative. Chesney's "No Shoes Nation" tour began Thursday in Tampa.

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