It is a sad day for those of us who consider Kenny Mayne to be one of the best personalities at ESPN.

I was very fortunate to have the great Kenny Mayne on my mundane little radio show, but when Kenny came on, we sure had one hell of a time,

My two favorite moments came on Radio Row leading up to Super Bowl week as in one interview he drew up one of his plays for the Wounded Warriors Flag Football Game that he was coaching right on our station banner.

The second highlight came when he followed Adam "Pacman" Jones on my show as a guest and he signed a mini helmet that Pacman signed and to this day we have a mini Super Bowl helmet in the studio signed by both men.

He was a superstar at ESPN but you could tell he stood for the good things in this world and you saw so many instances in which he was involved with charity events while at the World Wide Leader.

Mayne wasn't just a good dude, he was damn good at his job all the while.

Not only have fans expressed their gratitude on social media for all his years at ESPN, but many of his colleagues have as well.

Obviously, he will land on another network sooner rather than later and the always creative, always clever, and always funny Kenny Mayne will return to a TV near you.


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