Nobody said it was easy being a Vikings fan, but when your neighbor is Kirk Cousins, you have to show your purple pride and Minnesota Nice. When Cousins first came to Minnesota I remember seeing an interview with him and his wife and young son and I thought to myself not only were they the cutest couple, but he and his wife seemed so incredibly nice. That has not changed although I do joke that Cousins is a robot since he is always so cool and calm during games.

When Cousin and his wife first moved into their subdivision they were soon greeted by neighbor Jon Weber. Cousins and Weber soon became good friends and Cousins said to FOX 9: "To have somebody here who is knowledgeable and I can just focus on football is... I really can't put a price on it. Julie will text me and say, 'Hey, you know, we're having an issue with the heating or the cooling,' and I'll just say three words 'text Jon Weber.' And usually, by the time I get home from work, it's been resolved."

Weber and his sons don't play favorites though they have been known to help out many of the neighbors in the area especially when it comes to shoveling. The last storm that came through in the Twin Cities dumped quite a bit of snow and Weber and his sons made sure that the Cousin's driveway was nice and clear for Kirk to return home.

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This small gesture made Cousins and his family really feel like Minnesota is home to them and possibly still will be when his time with the Vikings is over. Cousins went on to say to FOX9 "You know, he's kind of made me aware of all the stuff to do around the area. You know, he was talking tonight about snowmobiling out to New Trier and just different things we can do. And, you know, before it's all said and done, he may be able to convince me to just stay here in Minnesota long-term because he's always, you know, selling it to me and all the great parts of it."

Don't we all wish we had neighbors like Jon Weber, what a great example he is setting for his sons to keep up the tradition of helping others, even if they are not a quarterback in the NFL.

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