Remember a few months ago when you could go to a restaurant or bar and sit down with eight other friends? Or when you could go to a group class at the gym? It could be happening soon in Sioux Falls.

Mayor Paul TenHaken is proposing to the Sioux Falls City Council that the so-called "no mingling" ordinance be repealed, according to Dakota News Now. The repeal will be given the first reading at the city council meeting Tuesday night, May 19.

The no mingling ordinance loosened the restrictions put on certain types of entertainment venues, businesses, gyms, bars, and restaurants. Those businesses were limited to no more than half of their posted capacity.

The prior restriction, the "no lingering" ordinance, had put a maximum of 10 patrons into any business of these types at any time.

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According to Dakota News Now, TenHaken said in an email to the council that the numbers of cases have been on a steady downward trend and, with the exception of the Smithfield testing event that caused a slight increase in cases, have continued to do so since May 9.

"Balancing public health and our economy is a tricky one, but I feel we have made good decisions thus far and want to see this continue," TenHaken said in the letter. "We have been nimble and responsive, while many cities/states across the country have not. I believe our wise actions to date have set us up well for a strong recovery in the months ahead."


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