This video is going viral of a Minnesota woman screaming and yelling at audience members just before the curtain is supposed to be going up at a theater performance of 'A Christmas Carol'.

Like live theaters across the nation 2020 was a tough year for the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Actors and audiences are ecstatic to be back at live shows.

But apparently, this woman doesn't share care about what other people want.

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This 'Karen' blew up at the audience and security at the opening night of the Guthrie Theaters 'A Christmas Carol'.

There were professional actors waiting to start the performance and audience members who spent their hard-earned cash anticipating to escape in the music and magic of the Guthrie annual holiday classic presentation.

It this video you can see this woman behaving very badly with no consideration for others.

According to Youtube's ViralHog this is what was going on...

"Just as The Guthrie Theatre was filling up to watch the opening night of The Christmas Carol after 650+ days of being closed due to the pandemic this lady made us all wait a little bit longer. I believe it started over someone taking a selfie right before the show. She then started screaming, wouldn’t wear a mask, and called someone a 'black bitch'. She was also spitting and ripped a few programs up. Security wouldn’t touch her and it took the police at least 30 mins to arrive before removing her."

I agree with a number of the audience members...Booo!

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