So you want to be a State Trooper, but are you in good enough shape to pass the fitness test? And, stay in condition to perform your daily duties?

Recently in an article by The Dallas Morning News, troopers in the state of Texas will need to cut out the sugar, skip the drive-thru, slim down their waists, and conform to the new physical fitness policy. Otherwise, they could be removed from enforcement duties. Troopers have until December to pass the required tests.

How would you feel if South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem started pulling officers off our state's highways because they couldn't buckle their duty belts?

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Looking into what is required to meet the physical demands of becoming and sustaining employment as a Highway Patrol Trooper, we did a side-by-side comparison in South Dakota and Minnesota. Both are very similar.

Both are based on males/females in age groups of 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59. Minnesota uses a point scale, whereas South Dakota has specific target numbers.

MinnesotaSouth Dakota
Vertical JumpVertical Jump
1.5 Mile Run1.5 Mile Run
300 Meter Run

There are around 200 South Dakota State Troopers compared to around 600 in Minnesota.


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Gallery Credit: Dave Roberts

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