Target says you can "Expect More and Pay Less". But I don't think anyone expected this to happen at one of their Minnesota stores.

Things got crazy in this Minnesota Target when an angry customer grabbed a golf club and started trashing the store.

This week a woman walked into a Target store in St. Paul, Minnesota and went ballistic.

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Fox9 reported that a woman walked into the big box store, picked out a golf club from the shelves, and “started swinging at items on store shelves.”

Target employees witnessing the crazed behavior promptly alerted police and got other customers out of harm's way.

The whole retail store was evacuated while the locale cops confronted the lady wreaking havoc on the products throughout the location.

The police found her in the electronics section where she had done extensive damage. She was taken into custody and arrested.

The Target store had to close its doors while the mess was cleaned up.

There is no report as to what triggered the lady to go on the big box rampage or which club she chose. I'm guessing a 5 Iron...

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