In some cities, it's like a feud. But in this case, one big retailer is following another retailer's lead. Walmart, and now Target stores are making a sustainability move.

The latest is Target will now be charging customers for shopping bags.

In a report from The Kitchn, Target has announced they would join rival grocer Walmart in charging customers for bags for Drive Up and Order Pickup orders. A surcharge of $1 for 10 bags will automatically be added to each order from Target


However, if your purchases are less than 10 bags the final order invoice will be adjusted to reflect the correct amount, but the changes will not appear on the app.

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Why are Target and Walmart rolling out these changes? The new policy aims to combat waste and pollution issues by reducing the amount of plastic bags given out and encouraging customers to use reusable bags in their place.

Drive around any major city and look at the roadways, medians, ditches, and fence lines to see how much garbage there is. And, you will notice plastic shopping bags too.

Not all Target stores will be implementing the bag surcharge. The charge is only applicable in specific states and municipalities; however, growing pressure on corporations to make a shift toward sustainability could change that very shortly.

If you're like me there is a closet somewhere in your home that has a box full or a shelf full of reusable shopping bags. You may want to use the largest one to hold the rest and keep it in your vehicle.

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