On Wednesday, the Detroit Lions gave contract extensions to two of their core players going forward.

The team gave All-Pro wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown a 4-year contract extension worth $120 million, with $77 million of it guaranteed.  Brown is now under contract with the Lions through the 2028 season.

Then later in the day, the team gave All-Pro right tackle Penei Sewell a 4-year contract extension worth $112 million with $85 million of it guaranteed.  Sewell is now under contract with the Lions through the 2029 season.

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To that I say...HOORAY!!!!!  These were absolutely the right signings with the right players at the right time, IMO.

There's now one other thing they need to do.  Give QB Jared Goff (pictured above) the contract extension he deserves.  It should've happened by now.

As most of you know, Goff has one year left on his current contract and is set to become an unrestricted free agent next offseason.  He could command at least $45 million per year in his next contract.  You hear talk on the internet that Goff and the Lions have talked about an extension, but nothing is imminent.

But if they lose Goff to free agency next offseason, that would be a disaster for the organization.  You would have to rebuild under unproven backup Hendon Hooker or somebody else who isn't on the roster yet.  That's not good considering where they are as an organization, which is SHOCKINGLY one of the best organizations in football.

Executive VP Brad Holmes has done a great job in the 3+ years he's been in charge in Detroit.  He has turned a team that was in the outhouse into, not quite the penthouse but, into a top floor team and a free agent destination for players.

But if he screws up the Jared Goff situation, he will get skewered by fans and media alike.  And it will be deserved.

So get it done, Brad!!!  Sign Jared Goff to the extension he deserves.  And do it soon.  No more excuses.

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