The Minnesota Vikings have a big decision to make when the NFL Draft (finally (mercifully) gets underway on Thursday night in Detroit.

The Vikings are looking to replace quarterback Kirk Cousins, who has departed for Atlanta after six seasons under center with the Vikings. After a trade with the Houston Texans, Minnesota holds the #11 and #23 picks in the draft's first round.

They could either try to trade up to the top three to snag one of the 'big three' quarterback prospects, they could stay put at #11 and #23, and take one of the quarterbacks from the 'next-tier,' or some other weird thing that I haven't even imagined yet.

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One of the quarterbacks presumably on the Viking's radar as part of that, for lack of a better term, 'second-tier' would be Washington's Michael Penix Jr.

Penix, Jr. threw for 96 touchdowns and 34 interceptions during an injury-riddled career that included two ACL tears in his knee, a shoulder clavicle fracture, and a shoulder joint separation in his non-throwing (right) shoulder.

That's right... Michael Penix Jr is a left-handed quarterback. Until today, I hadn't realized that the Vikings have never had a lefty quarterback on the roster! That's not to say they haven't tried Old-school Vikings fans will recognize the name Scott Mitchell!

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Only 32 NFL quarterbacks have been left-handed in the history of the league and
there is currently only ONE left-handed quarterback in the Dolphins' Tua Tagovailoa league!

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