October is the best month in baseball. Not only if your team is in the playoffs, but for all baseball fans. And this year, as we are seeing sold-out stadiums once again, baseball is taking center stage in sports.

Three exciting games on Monday with the stand-out Red Sox-Rays series ending.

Boston walked off Tampa Bay on Monday to move on to the American League Championship Series. The win for the Red Sox,6-5, ended the Rays 100-game win season.

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We may find out as early as today who the Red Sox plays in the ALCS as we wait for the outcome of the Houston Astros-Chicago White Sox series. Houston leads that series 2-1. If the White Sox holds on, game-5 will be Wednesday.

Other game-4's today include the Milwaukee Brewers and Atlanta Braves here on ESPN 102.3/AM 1000 KSOO. The Braves lead that series 2-1. The west coast matchup has the LA Dodgers up 2-1 hosting the San Francisco Giants. If these series should move to a fifth game, they will play on Thursday.

Game-1 of the ALCS will be here on ESPN 102.3/AM 1000 KSOO Friday.

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