I've been playing video games since I could walk. Since the days of just playing Super Mario World on the Super NES, to playing NBA 2K14 on my PS4, I have always enjoyed kicking back and playing a game when I have the opportunity. On the same realm, I have always enjoyed combat action such as pro wrestling and MMA.

Now with UFC moving to the next generation of video game systems, I find myself rather excited.

EA Sports is releasing their new UFC title sometime in the next few months. Yesterday the company released a video detailing the way they captured models for the game, and also what people can expect them to look like. So far, it looks like I'm watching UFC on TV.

Having watched UFC for the past 10+ years, the trailer has athletes completely spot on with actions and mannerisms. If the gameplay is any better than the past generation, and not any worse, we could be looking at a blockbuster of a game.

The game is scheduled to be released sometime this spring.

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