With Derek Carr's contract extension, Packers, Lions, Redskins, Bucs and Titans fans all have to be wondering if this gives their teams a violent shove towards paying their quarterbacks an outrageous amount money.

I understand that being the leader and a playmaker deserves a large paycheck but it's time these quarterback check themselves and be humble.

Here's how I see it, for quarterbacks like Cousins, Mariota, Winston, Flacco and Palmer who are going to get paid or are already paid as a top ten quarterback, are they worth that much of a salary cap hit?

Are any of the guys that I mentioned unarguably a top ten quarterback in the NFL? Hell no they're not and wrapping all that money up in one player is idiotic, selfish and detrimental for these teams and those quarterbacks.

Imagine if they took a pay cut or took less money on their next contract. That team could then go out and surround an average quarterback with good weapons or a defense to make their job a lot easier.

For a guy like Aaron Rodgers who is the sixth highest paid quarterback in the league and hands down the most talented QB right now, need another 2.5 million to assure everyone or prove that he's the best? No, he shouldn't.

Should guys like Flacco or Cousins or Palmer be paid like top ten or top five quarterbacks in the league? Hell no they should't.

When you have that much money, does adding another 2.5 million dollars to your bank account or winning a Super Bowl mean more to you? To this point, most of the quarterbacks have went with the money. And that's so unfortunate for organizations and even average quarterbacks that could give up money to get help.

Tom Brady is the 14th highest paid quarterback in the NFL and is the undisputed greatest QB to ever play in my eyes. The organization knows it, fans should know it and more importantly he knows it. He has nothing left to prove and he doesn't need the largest paycheck to reassure himself he's the greatest of all-time.

This generation of QB's need to take a step back, be realistic and be humble when they're negotiating their deals. Heaven forbid someone takes less money to bring another guy in to make their job easier. Sit down, and be humble.


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