Today was a day fans of Apple around the world mourned the death of one of the company's original founders.

According to History, on October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs passed away after losing his second time battling pancreatic cancer.

Jobs was viewed as one of the creative geniuses and was known for presenting the next generation of iPhones, Ipads, iPods, and all the other tech goodies Apple was about to release to the public in the form of Apple events we call them today.

He also started one of America's most beloved brands, Pixar when he wasn't Apple's CEO back in 1986.

You know when some people talk about who they would like to bring back from the dead? Steve Jobs would be one of those people for me.

It would be fascinating to get his take on how Apple has changed over the last nine years without his oversight and leadership.

I also wonder how he would feel about Apple's SE options to help include the 'lower tax bracket' so to speak when it comes to the iPhones and now Apple Watch line up.

Personally, I think he would hate the idea as he was a perfectionist and the idea of reducing the price for one of his beautifully designed products with simplicity at the core of every product's design would make him disgusted.

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