As we get ready for another Thursday Night Football Game on NFL Network, I look at the match-up and can't decide whether I will be watching it or my DVR.

Throughout the season so far in the NFL, Sunday Night Football on NBC, Monday Night Football on ESPN and the Thursday Night Game of the Week on the NFL Network have pitted up match-ups that aren't appealing or turn out to be lackluster games.

Other than the Titans/Steelers game in week 5, there has not been another Thursday Night Game that has been closer than 7 points.

Sunday Night Football has given us Patriots/Ravens in Week 3 and Giants/Eagles in Week 4 that were both down to the wire, but other than that, they have not been attention getting games either.

Usually Monday Night Football is a must see for me, but I can honestly say I have turned it off in the third quarter numerous time this year either because i don't want to watch games like the Chargers/Raiders or they are blowouts like the Bears/Cowboys from Week 4.

On average, games have been decided by 12.375 points per game in Thursday Night games, 9.25 on Sunday Night and 12 points on Monday Night Football.

This is not a new phenomenon though, the NFL has experimented with the FLEX Schedule in order to have good games in Primetime at the end of the season in order to have potential playoff deciding games on instead of two team who've already made off-season vacation plans.

Although that works for the end of the season, I'm not sure if we have the three blind mice scheduling the early games or what. I know if I had the power to schedule NFL games, I wouldn't everr put Kansas City, Cleveland or Oakland in a Primetime game no matter what hype or expectations they had coming into the season.

So as the season passes the midway point, I hope that you all have your DVR loaded up with recordings of Family Guy and Big Bang Theory so you don't put yourself through the torture that will be the Chiefs/Chargers game tonight.