The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz is by far my favorite national ESPN Radio program for many reasons. I laugh daily and it's because of reoccurring jokes like this.

Every single Tuesday the guys bring in Greg Cote of the Miami Herald to co-host the show. Cote has many staple segments on the program that include updates about his fantasy football team, his "soup of the day," and the ever popular "back in my day" where he highlights a modern trend that bothers him.

But there is one thing that he can't figure out. He can't figure out the hard network out.

I'll pull back the curtain a little bit. For those that aren't aware, all radio shows work on a clock. The clock is broken up into segments (Four for ESPN Radio) and is designed to get the programming back to the top of each hour. Each show has a "hard network out" which means the program must be off by that time mark each hour so that they can get to the top of the hour. You, as a listener, probably don't even realize this and that's how it's designed.

Then there's Greg Cote. He would traditionally get cut off by the hard network out to a point where Le Batard, Stugotz, and the shipping container filled with frightened refugees have made it a running gag to make Cote miss the clock.

He always gets caught. So much so that there is even now a Twitter account dedicated to his performance.

Now you're in on the joke if you weren't before. The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz airs Monday-Friday from 9 AM-12 PM on ESPN 99.1

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