The Minnesota Vikings defeated the Chicago Bears by 28 on Sunday, but Minnesota's thrashing of the Bears wasn't what stole the headlines.

Instead, multiple protesters of U.S. Bank's involvement with the Dakota Access Pipeline took center stage.

Protesters climbed into the rafters of U.S. Bank Stadium and unfurled a banner that included the U.S. Bank logo, "DIVEST" and "#NoDAPL."

In the end two protesters were charged with trespassing and burglary, according to A woman was also accused of burglary and obstructing legal process, although details of her involvement haven't been released to the public.

The protest didn't have a direct impact on the game, but it did impact the ability for a group of fans to sit and watch the game.

The two protesters involved in the unfurling of the banner spread the word about the protest through interviews and a press release.

Whether or not you agree with what the protesters stand for, their actions appear to have accomplished the desired goals. Few people around the country could tell you Sunday's final score between Minnesota and Chicago, but many NFL fans could tell you about the protest and banner.

However, the protesters were accused of breaking the law and couldn't avoid legal consequences.

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