Danny Vietti of CBS Sports made a statement on Twitter that he would run around in a diaper if the Padres hit another grand slam on Thursday (8/20) night. Yes, he owned up to it.

For those that are unaware, the San Diego Padres are off to a good start on the 2020 season sitting with a 15-12 record and second in the NL West. This team has proven in the first 27 games that they can knock a baseball out of the park. San Diego was entering Thursday night's game having hit a grand slam in the last three consecutive games.

There was no way that the Padres could go a fourth straight night with a grand slam. Think about the chances of that happening. That would set an MLB record, and seems unheard of.

Vietti, feeling that the chances were low, put out a proclamation on Twitter prior to last night's Rangers/Padres game.

Guess what...It happened.

Eric Hosmer cleared the bases in the 5th inning to secure the MLB record for most consecutive games with a grand slam home run by a team, and he made Vietti sit back and realize the reality of the situation.

This now turned into a diaper run.

Vietti turned his embarrassment into something that will also help the local San Diego community. He started a new campaign called "Dingers 4 Diapers" to help raise money for one of the children's hospitals in San Diego.

The lesson of the day? Don't bet against the Slam Diego Padres.

Now if we could only get Jeff Thurn to live up to his bets sometime.

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