If you didn't know the name Josh Hader last week at this time, you probably have heard the name this week for sure.

During the MLB All Star Game, Hader was on the mound for the NL team and came off the mound and into the dugout all while having his life change forever.

The change had nothing to do with the pitching performance he had that night or at any point in his career.

The change in his life all happened because of some tweets that were discovered from when Hader was in his teens and they included some horrible language towards minorities, women and the LGBTQ community.

Social media was buzzing by the time Hader got to his cell phone and the damage control had already begun.

Fans in the stands had been notified via social media and were turning his jersey inside out.

Hader immediately addressed the media and I think he handled it as good as one could considering the circumstances and timing.

Since then, MLB had announced that he would have to attend sensitivity training and Hader accepted with no push back.

On Saturday night, Hader returned to the mound for the first time since the news came out from the All Star Game and his hometown crowd in Milwaukee had nothing but love for their All Star pitcher.

The question immediately became, should fans be cheering a guy who is in the middle of a controversy for using horrible language towards multiple groups of people?

My answer is no, but I do understand the support.

I wouldn't be cheering or clapping for Hader because I find his language disgusting and sad.  That said, I wouldn't be booing him either.

Support is an amazing thing and it can transform someone to understand even though what they did was wrong, there are people there to help them through a trying time and I think that was what the cheers were about and not about supporting the views expressed in those tweets.

Others clearly agree and disagree with me, but what do you think? Let us know by tweeting your reactions to @ESPN991sf and by sending us comments on our Facebook page.


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