There are cars, and car names, that are gone, history, no more. And largely, they are forgotten. Except for those of us that carry a little age on our skin and in our bones,

I was talking to one of the younger guy's here at the radio station (ok, ok...everybody around here is 'one of the younger guy's). I was mentioning that one of my friends from the old high school days had an AMC.

A what?

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Well, for those of you that perhaps arrived later on the planet than some of us, back in the day  AMC (American Motors Corporation) put out some plum fine and dandy automobiles.

Well, perhaps they weren't the finest or the dandiest but they were there! That is until about 1988. Associated with Jeep and Chrysler, AMC bit the dust in the 1980's.

But if you're old enough you remember names like Gremlin, Rebel, and this beauty here, the ever popular (well, sorta popular) Matador.

And of course, if you had a big family, dog, cat and all the rest you needed more room. No problem, take a look at the beautiful roomy Hornet!

Those names of the AMC's, like the AMC itself, is relegated now to the dustbins of history and memory. But you have to admit, they were unique!

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