Just in case you needed a new goal for your older vehicle, how about taking it to 200,000 miles? How about a MILLION?

It sure does sound farfetched.

Not for one Nebraskan.

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We've all heard that brands like Toyota and Honda 'can run forever.' But one Nebraskan logged ONE MILLION (and counting) miles on his Chevrolet.

There's a great write-up documenting his story and highlights along the way, but Ben Welch hit the milestone with his 1994 Chevy Suburban:

Not that he ever intended to get to a million miles. He just continued to drive and practice proper maintenance with the Suburban, and the miles kept rolling onto the odometer.

It's an amazing feat that includes a ton of great stories in addition to many miles around the United States:

Welch says he averaged about 40,000 miles a year and traveled to every corner of the continental United States.

I've always been impressed with folks that get to 200,000 miles or maybe 250k without the vehicle giving out or the owner getting impatient to get something newer.

It's safe to say that Welch is a patient, humble guy with a tremendous vehicle.

What car that you've owned do you wish you'd taken the extra mile?

Source: JournalNow.com

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