The Sioux Falls City Council voted 8-0 to advance a stay at home ordinance to a second reading, but the ordinance brought many questions from councilors.

The ordinance would order all people to stay at home except for a list of 15 approved essential reasons to move about the city. It would not explicitly shut down any business not listed as essential in the ordinance but would make the travel to that business by customers or employees a violation.

The entire council meeting can be viewed on the city's website. The council discussion starts at the 2:24:00 mark.

Councilor Christine Erickson was concerned with the proposed ordinance.

"I have great concerns with how this is worded. I think the contradiction between saying 'everyone should stay open and be innovative' and 'we're not closing you down' is really a slippery slope. I think if you're nonessential you'll be closed, but [the city can say] we didn't do it. We did because we are regulating the people who come to your work."

Councilor Greg Neitzert also had reservations.

"I'm being asked to make a breathtaking deprivation of your liberties. I have to ask myself if the ends justify the means. I have this question and answer sheet and it says over and over that the city does not have the authority to close businesses. To me it's literally semantics. You're saying it's a crime for customers to go to your business. It's a crime for employees to go to your business, but we're not closing you. I mean, no, there are some things that cannot be done."

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