I love live theater, plays, and the like. There's something magical that happens when actors take the stage, and for me, it doesn't matter if it's some professional troupe that makes its way to the area, or if it's a grade school play or the kids at church. Put dedicated young or old folks on a stage and...magic.

I suppose part of that feeling comes from performing a one-man play I wrote several years ago called 'Confessions Of An Ordinary Man'. I had the privilege of performing it about a hundred times at community theaters, schools, and churches all around the region.

But how difficult is it to see a play at a decent venue in the state of South Dakota?

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Well, not nearly as hard as you might think!

I can attest to the fact there are lots of great local venues. I did my play at great venues in places like Dell Rapids, Luverne, Flandreau, Platte, Sioux Falls, and many more. And then I saw where a website listed what they feel are the Top Ten Live Theater venues in South Dakota. And it's hard to disagree with their choices.

In fact, topping the list is the Orpheum Theatre right here in Sioux Falls. But really, their list reaches from east to west and north to south in our state. Whether it's the Black Hills, the southeast, the northeast...well, suffice to say there's a great place not far from anywhere you live in the state!

So keep your eye out for a live stage play in your area, head on out, and have a great evening of live entertainment!

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