Licensed concealed pistol carriers will have a new option for permitting in the state of South Dakota that will make gun purchases a little smoother.

The Gold Card permit program will begin January 1, 2017, administered by the Secretary of State. This new permit will allow holders to bypass the the standard NICS background check when purchasing a firearm. In addition to the states that recognize the regular South Dakota pistol permit, the Gold Card permit will be accepted in Wisconsin.

The permit still requires ATF approval for the bypassing of the NICS background check. The bureau will not review the program until it has gone into effect.

To obtain a Gold Card permit, applicants must go to the sheriff's office in the county in which they live and submit a FBI fingerprint background check to DCI at a cost of $43.25. Previous fingerprint checks are not valid. When the check comes back clean the sheriff's office will contact the applicant to tell them if they passed or not and then come in to fill out the application and receive the temporary permit at a cost of $70. Within four to six weeks the gold permit card will be sent out in the mail. Renewals of the permit, which expires every five years, also cost $70.

The Gold Card is similar to the Enhanced permit (blue card) except that the Enhanced permit requires a training class from a DCI certified instructor and allows the permit holder to carry in Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Nevada, Delaware, and South Carolina, in addition to the states that recognize the regular permit.

The Enhanced permit costs $100 and renewals cost $50.

South Dakota's Reciprocity Map

SD Secretary of State
SD Secretary of State

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