I know you read a previous story not too long ago about how the City of Sioux Falls was recently named the "Fittest City" in the state of South Dakota.  However, there's a new study that somewhat contradicts this new title for Sioux Falls and the state...South Dakota gym-attendees aren't really that strong.

This study from Lift Vault is not indicating that South Dakota residents don't work hard at the gym or during their workouts because we do.  But when it comes to bodybuilding and weightlifting, South Dakota does not stand a chance against some of the top states.

South Dakota is strong, but it might need a little help in the powerlifting department.

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Lift Vault identified these results based on a five-year study from Open Powerlifting focusing on 3 main powerlifting categories: The Squat, The Bench Press, and the Deadlift.  According to this data,  "South Dakota came in far lower down on the list in position #44. Perhaps practicing lifting during lockdown would be a good idea for South Dakotans in the battle of the barbells..." Ouch, that line from Lift Vault hurts more than the actual lifting.

The Top Five strongest states across the country are Texas, Virginia, New York, California, and North Carolina.  This is how strong the Texans are based on the study from Lift Vault:

  • Average squat: 687 lbs; average bench press: 438 lbs; average deadlift: 742 lbs

So how strong is the state of South Dakota?  This is how the Mount Rushmore state shakes out:

  • Average squat: 565 lbs; average bench press: 339 lbs; average deadlift: 605 lbs.

These aren't horrible numbers representing the habits of South Dakota lifters.  It's just that it’s a competitive world and other states are more serious when it comes to powerlifting.

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