There are a lot of ways to make eggs. But what way is the most popular in South Dakota? It might surprise you.

For national egg month, did a study of Google data to find which egg preparation is the favorite in every state. Six different preparations made the top of the list across the country.

Scrambled eggs were by far the most popular way to make and eat eggs. It was tops in 18 states. It is also the most popular in South Dakota.

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Of our neighboring states, only Nebraska and Iowa share our affinity for scrambled eggs. Minnesota was unique in the upper Midwest by favoring over easy as their favorite. And let's be honest, if you're going to keep a runny yolk, that's the most sensible way to do it.

As for North Dakota, those highly skilled almost-Canadians like poached eggs the best. So do Montana and Wyoming. Five other states also favor the poached egg. If you have ever tried to make them before, it is not easy. Over easy or sunny side up with a lid is way easier.

Speaking of over easy, I was shocked to learn that it was only the favorite preparation in eight states. The second most popular preparation is, in my opinion, the most disgusting, sunny side up. It might as well be called salmonella side up. Raw, barely cooked egg yolk or white is just not that appealing. They don't have to be hot but warm.

Another interesting finding in the study was that hard-boiled eggs are quite popular, they are not the favorite in any state. However, until hotels start serving up their proper breakfasts again, that is the only kind of egg you're going to get there. But I'm not sure the instant powdered eggs are any better.

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