On ESPN First Take Tuesday Morning, host Stephen A. Smith had a small rant about the Dallas Cowboys and their apparent weed problem.

"Ezekiel Elliott plays for the Cowboys right? Do I need to go down the list? Randy Gregory, Rolando McClain, Demarcus Lawrence. Who did I miss? Weed! Weed! Weed everywhere! Puff and pass, puff and pass. They puff more than they pass!"

Smith goes on to say that the Cowboys have the perception of an organization that is out of control and need to be reeled in. He also adds that people within the NFL have called to get involved because of the behavior of so many individuals on the Cowboys.

Cowboys suspensions since 2014:

Jakar Hamilton - 4 games - Substance Policy - 2014

Greg Hardy - 4 games - League Personal Conduct Policy, Domestic Abuse - 2015

Rolando McClain - 4 games - Substance Policy - 2015

R. J. Dill - 4 games - Substance Policy - 2015

Randy Gregory - 4 games - Substance Policy - 2015

DeMarcus Lawrence - 4 games - Substance Policy

Rolando McClain - 10 games - Substance Policy

I agree with Stephen A., it's getting ridiculous and it's time for the league to step in and put out this dumpster fire. Owner Jerry Jones and head coach Jason Garrett have obviously lost all control over their team.

To have that many suspensions and then add the negative drama that always surrounds Dez Bryant is a major issue. Not only for the Cowboys but it looks bad for the entire NFL as a league.