About as violent as I get playing a video game is when I drop a bomb on my wife during a heated game of Mario Kart. But there are some very violent games out there and a lot of debate about whether these games are contributing to a generation of aggressive behavior.

Here's the kicker: A new study out of Keele University in the UK says violent video games may actually be good for you, because they give the player a higher pain threshold.

According to the study:

40 volunteers were able to stomach pain for 65 percent longer after playing violent 'first person shooter' games, than those who had played a non-violent golf game.

Participants played both the violent and non-violent game on separate occasions for 10 minutes and then placed one of their hands in ice-cold water to test their reaction to pain.

That's all nice and everything but I think the potential negatives still far outweigh the positives of violent video games.  What do you think?

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