This brewery was founded one year before Minnesota was even declared a state and it's the home of the state's oldest beer.

160 years ago in 1857 …

  • James Buchanan was sworn in as President of the United States.
  • Mark Twain began his childhood apprenticeship to become a River Pilot.
  • Joseph Gayetty invented Toilet Paper.
  • 18-year-old 'Wild Bill' Hickok met 12-year-old William 'Buffalo Bill' Cody for the first time.
  • and Immigrant Gottlieb Gluek founded a brewery in what is now Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Gluek's Minneapolis Minneosta-Google Maps
Gluek's Minneapolis Minnesota-Google Maps

There are over 180 beer breweries in Minnesota with new ones opening up on a regular basis.

But Gluek's Brewing Company is the state's oldest and now largest brewery in Minnesota.

In 1997 Gluek's bought out Cold Spring Brewing and they now make and market beer, water, energy drinks, and other products.

Immigrant Gottlieb Gluek began brewing his beer 160 years ago and you can still pick up his famous suds today.

Gluek's via Facebook
Gluek's via Facebook

You can enjoy one of their fine beers and award-winning food in the historic Gluik's Bar & Restaurant in North Minneapolis.

But it was not always an easy road to get to where they are today.

Gluek's Bar & Restaurant via Facebook
Gluek's Bar & Restaurant via Facebook

According to Gluek’s Bar & Restaurant can be traced back to 1855, when brewer Gottlieb Gluek arrived in Minneapolis from his native Germany.

It wasn't long until they were brewing a variety of beers including Gluek’s beer, Glix Beer, Gluek’s Stite, and Pioneer Beer.

By 1901 Glueks ranked third among area brewers in annual capacity just behind Minneapolis Brewing Company (later Grain Belt) and Hamms Brewery of St. Paul.

Gluek's and Grainbelt Signs-Ebay
Gluek's and Grainbelt Signs-Ebay

In 1933, as Prohibition ended, the business was sold to its current owners and reopened as Fransen’s.

In 1942 Gluek supplied beer to the troops at the height of World War II.

By 1961 Gluek was available in 27 States.

It served as a working man’s bar through the 1970s when it was renamed Gluek’s.

In April 1989 a massive fire completely gutted their building claiming the lives of three tenants living upstairs.

After nearly 90 years of service, a charred brick shell was all that remained of one of Minneapolis's oldest and most recognized restaurants.

The exterior was restored by November 1989 and the interior was renovated in time for the February 1, 1990 reopening.

Although Gluek's maintains its historic feel, some things have changed a lot in the last 160 years.

For example today you can swing by Glueks, grab yourself a mug of Pilsener Pale Lager and do “Beer Yoga”.

I'll bet old man Gottlieb never would have thought that would be a "thing"?!

Goat Yoga-Getty Thinkstock
Goat Yoga-Getty Thinkstock

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