After decades of telling stories about other people, South Dakota’s Tom Brokaw is ready to tell his own story about his journey through cancer after his diagnosis of multiple myeloma two years ago.

He started to keep a journal, which has now been published as Brokaw’s seventh book, titled “A Lucky Life, Interrupted.”

Brokaw’s told KDLT news that his connection to friends and family in his childhood home of Yankton has been strengthened through all of this.

I’m a journalist, so when I was diagnosed with cancer, I was blind sighted by it.  I wanted to pay tribute to all the people who helped me, beginning with my family.I still stay in touch with friends of mine in Yankton. We’ve been pulled together again as a result of all this, we’re in closer touch I think in some ways. So that also has been very touching for me, to know that I’m not so separated from the town that was so important to me.

Brokaw has been in remission for about six months.

Brokaw and his journey will be featured on Dateline, airing Thursday May 7, 2015 at 9:00 PM on KDLT TV.