We did all of the hard work for you and found the top ten best places to grab wings around the Sioux Falls area.

As part of our science experiment, we spent the entire month of February eating wings for lunch every day...I know, we have a really tough job. We took our suggestions from listeners around Sioux Falls and compiled a list of 16 places to order from. These included the big national chains and the local eateries around the Sioux Empire. The restaurants we graded included:

  • BB’s Pub
  • Big J’s Roadhouse
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Cody’s Smokehouse
  • Famous Daves
  • Gateway Lounge
  • Overtime Sports Grill & Bar
  • Shenanigans Sports Bar & Grill
  • Squealers Smoke Shack
  • Stubbies Bar & Grill
  • TC’s Referee
  • The Attic Bar & Grill
  • The Rush Bar & Grill
  • Tinner’s Public House
  • Tomacelli’s Pizza
  • Wingstop

The rules were simple. We would eat 6-12 traditional wings from each place with the recommended sauces from either the restaurant or from listener suggestions. We then graded the wings on a scale of 1-100. A score of 1 would represent that we immediately run to the bathroom to throw up, while a score of 100 meant that the wings satisfied us more than anything in the world.

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Listen, we can get into the traditional vs. boneless conversation, but we graded actual wings for this discussion, so that means traditional. Boneless wings are a whole different discussion.

Based on our "scientific study" of many lunches, here are the Top 10 best places to get traditional wings around the Sioux Falls area and the recommended sauces to try.

Best Wings in The Sioux Falls Area

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