Wings are a classic snack, meal, bar food appetizer, and game day main event.

But did you know that South Dakotans have a favorite wing sauce that they prefer to all the others on their wings?

According to a survey that was conducted by GrillCookBake there is a clear winner in South Dakota and that is sweet BBQ sauce on traditional bone-in wings.

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"We conducted a survey of over 2,500 Americans asking them about their favorite sauce or seasoning, preference of wing type, and whether they’d rather have ranch or blue cheese — basically all the go-to questions from your waiter or waitress. We left the celery and carrots out, though"- GrillCookBake.

Overall, in the US fourteen states preferred honey BBQ on their wings, in second place was hot buffalo sauce with nine states and in third was parmesan garlic sauce in seven states.

Some of the least popular wing sauces were teriyaki, salt and vinegar, honey mustard, and Caribbean jerk.

Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska like honey BBQ sauce wings while our neighbors to the north in North Dakota preferred parmesan garlic wings.

Most of the US when given the choice 56% of the time will choose traditional bone-in to boneless wings.

And get this shocking find from the wing survey. South Dakotans didn't actually prefer ranch dressing with their wings.

But instead, preferred BLUE CHEESE. Whoever out of the 2,500 people who participated in the survey who were from South Dakota I might have a few questions for you guys as to why the preference over ranch but we'll save that for another time.

Source: GrillCookBake

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