The battle between Sinclair Broadcast Networks and different television and streaming providers continues on leading to many wondering how to watch Twins games this season.

Following the purchase of the FOX Regional Networks, Sinclair Broadcasting has raised the price to carry the networks on the providers. Those providers have refused to pay the price that's being asked and ultimately that means we fans are the ones left to suffer. Usually, these discussions get resolved, but as we enter the second year of this nationwide battle the end appears to be nowhere in sight.

The new Bally Sports North (formerly Fox Sports North) will broadcast all of the games this season for the Minnesota Twins. While that would have been welcomed news in past years, a lot of people still won't have access to Twins games through their preferred satellite or streaming providers.

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So how can you watch the Minnesota Twins this season? Your options are limited to cable, DirecTV, or one streaming service.

Midcontinent Communications and Vast Broadband both provide Bally Sports North through their cable packages. Both companies require customers to purchase at least a basic cable package in order to get Bally Sports North.

DirecTV still also provides Bally Sports North if you are interested in jumping into satellite television.

As for streaming services? YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Philo, Sling, and Fubo TV have all pulled Bally Sports Networks from its lineup. The only streaming service that currently offers Bally Sports North is AT&T Now. In order to get Bally Sports North on AT&T Now you must sign up for the choice package that begins at $84.99/month.

Wait! What about MLB.TV!?!?!?

If you live in South Dakota, Iowa, North Dakota, or Minnesota and are reading this then MLB.TV won't work. The Minnesota Twins are blacked out and won't be available through MLB.TV. MLB.TV is a great service for out-of-market games but not for the local teams.

Lastly, if you are not willing to change to one of the services provided to watch Twins games this season, all Twins games are available on Information 1000 KSOO in Sioux Falls.

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