Demolition experts blew up a massive southern Minnesota landmark that filled the skyline for almost 100 years.

If you've ever driven Minnesota Highway 23 through Granite Falls you've seen the giant coal-fired Xcel Energy electric plant rising into the sky.

Granite Falls Minnesota-Google Maps
Granite Falls Minnesota-Google Maps

The plant dates back to the 1930s. It was closed for good back in 2009.

On Thursday demolition experts exploded and decommissioned the old power plant.

According to MPR the Regional Vice President for Xcel Energy, John Marshall, which owned the Minnesota Valley Generating Station said...

“We conducted a 10-minute countdown, so it’s basically a 10-minute disruption on the highway, and then a safety countdown, and then cue the implosion blast, which was quite a spectacle to see.

There were a lot of folks that showed up from the surrounding communities to watch. And again very, very happy that it was a safe occurrence, and now begins the process for recycling.”

The plan is to clear out all the rubble and restore the land to the river bottom nature area.

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