$1.6 billion is currently on the line for the Powerball drawing. With that amount of money, what professional sports team would you buy?

Athlon Sports decided to take a look at what would be possible. They mention that after taxes a person would take home roughly $400 million. That would not be enough to purchase a team outright in the NFL, MLB, or NBA. According to Forbes, the lowest price teams in each league are the Milwaukee Bucks ($625 Million), Tampa Bay Rays ($625 Million), and Detroit Lions ($1.44 Billion)

Don't fret! The NHL has plenty of available options. Forbes says 15 of the 30 NHL teams are valued at $400 million or less. So which one do you purchase?

  1. Anaheim Ducks ($400 Million)
  2. Minnesota Wild ($380 Million)
  3. Ottawa Senators ($370 Million)
  4. Colorado Avalanche ($360 Million)
  5. Winnipeg Jets ($350 Million)
  6. New Jersey Devils ($330 Million)
  7. New York Islanders ($325 Million)
  8. Buffalo Sabres ($300 Million)
  9. St. Louis Blues ($270 Million)
  10. Tampa Bay Lightning ($260 Million)
  11. Nashville Predators ($255 Million)
  12. Columbus Blue Jackets ($226 Million)
  13. Carolina Hurricanes ($225 Million)
  14. Arizona Coyotes ($220 Million)
  15. Florida Panthers ($186 Million)

So who would you take?