It's Springtime in South Dakota. That means pothole season in Sioux Falls. So who pays if your car is damaged after hitting one of these big road holes?

AAA says drivers in the United States spend $3 billion a year on damage caused to vehicles that hit potholes in the road.

After a cold winter, we start to see tons of potholes pop up all around the Sioux Falls area.

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Ron from Ron's Garage in Sioux Falls says this time of year he “sees lots for folks coming in with bent rims” caused by hitting potholes people hit at various speeds.

Dakota News Now says that Sioux Falls Street Operations Manager Dustin Hansen stated that on days when the temperatures are above freezing and the potholes aren’t filled with snow and ice, he sends 3 or 4 street crews of 4 to 6 people out throughout the city filling potholes.

So if you hit a pothole in Sioux Falls and blow a tire, bend a rim, or ruin your car's alignment who pays for that? If it happens on a city street with the city of Sioux Falls help with any repair expense?

The answer to that is … no. At least according to Sioux Falls’ Risk Management Officer.

The Argus Leader reported that they “can’t recall a time when the city recouped a driver for pothole-related vehicle damage.”

The city does very much encourage you to call them and alert them of any potholes that you encounter and believe are in need of attention.

You can call the Sioux Falls Pothole Hotline at (605)-367-8002.

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