America's favorite sandwich the PB&J has been a staple in households for several decades. Grape jelly and peanut butter on white bread. Mmmmmm!

Stores across the country have a full supply of both, but, each spring grape jelly begins to disappear from store shelves for another reason.

Bird lovers in South Dakota and Minnesota know that hungry Baltimore Orioles are drawn to the dark jelly.

Birds Love Grape Jelly

In my backyard, we have several small perches with jelly dishes. It's not uncommon to see six or eight at one time gathering for their daily dose of the sweet treat.

If you don't see them right away, you definitely know they are near by their loud song.

Orioles also favor an orange slice. But, we've found that if you slice an orange in half you can repurpose it by filling it with grape jelly.

It's good to have alternate sources of food supplies if you want to attract different varieties of birds. Our three main feeders have Thistle seed for the Finch. Safflower for the Cardinals. And, Black Sunflower seed for the Nuthatches, Finch, Chickadee, and Warbalers.

Grape jelly isn't just for the Oriole

Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, a larger bird with black, white, and red markings will also show up on occasion.

Our backyard has become a summer sanctuary for over two dozen types of winged creatures. We especially like hummingbirds and have a nectar feeder amongst the flowering attractor perennials.

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